'Fuck Your Office Snacks!' takes readers on a journey through the world of work and how we can do better.

From history, outdated norms, office jargon, the strange transformation in the space of employee perks and benefits, the missed opportunities to the systemic issues that disproportionately plague certain communities in the workplace. Nothing is off limits and practically everything is covered!

Providing real-world examples through conversations and interviews with international C-Level executives, coupled with their own wildly unique experiences, as a C-Level Executive and as a Musician, they use humor, storytelling and actionable ideas that are transformative both interpersonally, as a reader, and for organizations who need to change now, more than ever.

This book is similar in style to their popular show 'Not the HR Lady' and readers will be hooked on every chapter!

Ch 3: Cold Brew or Cold Hard Cash?
Ch 7: Gossip or Good Communication?
Ch 13: Mind Fucks or Mental Wellness?

This page turner will inspire, provoke dialogue, shake things up and be a catalyst for change for anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace humanity coming back to the workforce.

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Note: this is a pre-order. The estimated release date for the book is Mid-February 2021.

F*ck Your Office Snacks! Manager Book + Bundle!